Our range of services

  With EMTEC you have more than 10 years of experience in most fields of application of scanning electron microscopy at hand. silicium, etched
silicium, etched 
77,8 kB
* We can give you advice and help in cases of investigation of damage and materials. We examine failure of materials due to fracture, corrosion, tear and wear, visual defects on surfaces and other defects. We analyse the chemical composition of many materials and the composition of residues and deposits.
* With regard to quality insurance we are involved in routine inspection of microscopically strctured surfaces.
* We also use our equipment for environmental annalysis, very often in collaboration with other laboratories.
* We are interested in producing microscopic images for marketing purposes and in the scanning electron microscopic image as a work of art. Besides the high resolution is the impressing depth of focus the main advantage and distinctive feature of scanning electron microscopy for these tasks. Such micrographs may also proof usefull for documentations, presentations, educational material and scientific publications.
After all our customers wishes decide what we will offer. We are allways willing to keep on learning and to adapt to new demands.
* Our customers are mainly industrial manufacturers of all kinds of size from all over germany. We also serve experts, laboratories, marketing agencies and private customers.
* We run a small business. The owner Dr. Lorenz is your direct contact. He will discuss your investigation with you and will also do the work on your samples in most cases. If you wish you may be present at the investigation.
* For your convenience we are able to provide all the result from the investigation, images, spectra, print outs and whole reports for further treatment at your PC or MAC in digital form as well, e.g. on ZIP discs, CD-ROM, per email or ISDN (eurofile transfer).
* EMTEC keeps friendly contacts to many other laboratories in the Rhein-Neckar region and all over germany. Using these cooperations we can also offer investigations by transmitting electron microscopy (TEM). Our partners (see at adresses and links) offer supplementary methodes of material analysis e.g. x-ray fluorescence spectroscopy, x-ray diffractometrie, atom absorption spectroscopy (AAS), methodes of chromatography and many more. Because of this we are able to offer comprehensive advice and help at the search for the optimal solution of your analytical problem.

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